Introducing William "Bill" Kisse


I have been the principal of various technology businesses throughout my career.

This experience has allowed me the pleasure of participating in and working with emerging technologies in the areas of communications,
industrial video, computers and medical imaging.

These are exciting times, and my goal is to continually strive to learn and understand the use of complex technology in a competitive and successful business environment.


Expertise in computer hardware and support systems.


Member -Board of Directors at RSPA -Retail Solutions Providers Association

  • July 2009 -Present (2 years 4 months)

    The Board of Directors is tasked with ensuring that the needs of the association and its members are met.
    Board members are recognized as those individuals who have broad experience in the
    point of sale industry
    and are elected by the membership of the association.

Principal at Washington Open MRI

  • 1998 -Present (13 years)
  • Washington Open MRI operates eight independent MRI and multi-modality imaging facilities in the Washington / Baltimore metropolitan areas.
    The company was the first in the world to offer Fonar's revolutionary "Upright MRI" ® that permits patients to be scanned in the upright sitting or
    standing position. This advanced concept brings additional functionality that sets Washington Open MRI apart from all other forms of MRI technology
    in use today. This technology is truly at the cutting-edge of technology to best serve patients -at no additional cost -over traditional MRI.

CEO at Electronic Systems Services, Inc.

  • January 1989 -Present (22 years 10 months)
  • We are proud to serve not just the end-user of computer technology, but also national manufacturers as a single-source of warehousing, staging,
    fulfillment, repair and help desk support.
    In addition to our main warehouse and office facility in Clarksburg, MD we are located in 14 of the largest
    metropolitan areas of the U.S. to best serve the expanding needs of our clients for on-time and onsite service fulfillment.
    We are one of the largest
    national independent point-of-sale computer equipment servic
    e organization serving the fast food and quick-service restaurant industries.
    Our clients range from single location retail outlets to the largest retail chains in the U.S. and include Federal Government facilities with security
    clearances from Sensitive through Top Secret.

President/CEO at Video Labs Corporation

  • January 1978 -October 2002 (24 years 10 months)
  • Video Labs Corporation was established in 1978 as a video repair facility representing national manufacturers of the emerging industrial and
    consumer video industry
    In 1985 we began to offer video duplication services. At the time of sale we were proud to be known as one of the premiere high volume industrial
    videotape, CD and DVD duplication facilities in the Northeast serving many national and local commercial and government accounts.

President/CEO at Custom Communications Services, Inc.

  • 1976 -1988 (12 years)
  • A nationwide supplier of rental two-way communications equipment and systems.
    Our equipment permitted temporary hand-held two-way and cellular communications for conventions, special events and to augment public
    service networks in time of emergency
    We specialized in quick-response delivery of complex communications equipment and networks throughout the Continental U.S.


Business Management (Advanced, 20+ years experience)

Market Research (Advanced, 20+ years experience)

Marketing Stragegy (Advanced, 20+ years experience)

Online Marketing (Advanced, 10+ years experience)

Digital Photography (Advanced, 10+ years experience)



RSPA Certified Member

Retail Solutions Providers Association



University of Maryland College Park

Business Administration 1974-1977

Honors and Awards

AFSMI -2005 Member of The Year



Computer Technology, Medical Imaging Technology, Internet Marketing, Professional Photography



Seven people have recommended William "Bill" Kisse

"I have known Bill for a number of years and he is many things, but a great person first of all. While he is a successful businessman in several ventures,
he is a delightful person to know and pays attention to people. He has more energy than any ten people and dives headlong into everything that he does.
I don't in any way mean to downplay his business acumen, which is very good, but his character defines him. Bill is outgoing, loyal, attentive, enthusiastic,
can be focused when needed, and persistent. A very fine set of traits."

Al Hahn, CEO, Hahn Consulting, Inc., was a consultant or contractor to William "Bill" at Electronic Systems Services, Inc.

"To whom it may concern. RE: William Kisse (Bill) For those of you who are looking to work with Bill, or be associated with Bill, you’ve picked a real winner.
Bill and I go back a long ways, a least to 1983 and maybe a little back further. I first met Bill when he was one of the owners of Video Labs and Video Labs
was a vendor to me. Next he turned into a customer when Bill and Video Labs became my first software customer to purchase my business application.
Bill helped me add many features to my application in order to make it more universally accepted. After we had my application running at his office,
Bill volunteered to attend my trade show and help me sell my application. We spend many years working together improving my applications integrating it
into his company. Video Labs is still using my application today. Somewhere in the middle of this, Bill referred me to a very large client and that is what
launched me into full time Software Development. Later on, Bill let me store my Trade Show Display and other articles at his offices when I needed to.
Whether Bill was a customer or not, he has always been very supportive and he has shared many ideas with me in order to help me improve my business.
Many times, we have had in-prompt-to to meeting at his office or over lunch to discuss different ideas. I consider Bill to be a shrewd businessman and great
friend. I’ve always appreciated his input. Thanks
Tony Nasca Dove Net Technologies, LLC 9126 Travener Circle Frederick, MD 21704 301-363-8699"

Tony Nasca, President, Dove Net Technologies, LLC, worked directly with William "Bill" at Electronic Systems Services, Inc.

"Bill runs a successful organization that is impressive to watch. Bill knows what he wants with his business, and his company has a great success record
to show for it. His attention to detail and his
commitment to his customers is refreshing in an age where the art of customer service tends to get lost.
He has the respect of his employees which makes working with his company a pleasure. Bill is also always open to discussing new and cutting edge
concepts around his area of business which makes him a great sounding board for potential deals and partnerships."

Mathew Newfield, SR. Director of Global Operations, RSA, was with another company when working with William "Bill" at Electronic Systems Services, Inc.

"Bill has always been a pleasure to work with as are all his employees. He believes in hiring good people and empowers them so they are capable of
delivering top-notch service to their customers. His company, ESS, has been in business for 19+ years and Bill is well respected by his peers in the industry.
He makes sure his customers stay satisfied with a “whatever it takes” type of attitude. I would highly recommend Bill as a valued service partner.
He and his company have the expertise to deliver the quality of service upon which good companies rely."

Dom Stricherz, Senior Project Manager, Technician, was a consultant or contractor to William "Bill" at Electronic Systems Services, Inc.

"I really enjoyed working with Bill. He has a strategic vision of where he wants his business to go and fully understands how technology will help him to achieve that goal.
Good luck Bill!"

Chris Maisto, Corporate Account Manager, AT&T Mobility, was a consultant or contractor to William "Bill" at Electronic Systems Services, Inc.

"Bill Kisse is a customer who knows what he wants. He was a pleasure to work with because of that and went the extra mile to offer suggestions and to give praise.
He is a mover and a shaker!"

Suzanne McCurley, Business Information Consultant, Hoover's, Inc, was a consultant or contractor to William "Bill" at Electronic Systems Services, Inc.

"Bill runs an outstanding organization and his dedication to his staff--and visa versa--is obvious. He cares deeply about the quality of work his company provides
and I have enjoyed all of my dealings with him and with his organization. He is honest, straightforward and I truly value his knowledge, insights and advice.
I hope to continue our relationship during 2008 and beyond."

Francie Mendelsohn, President, Summit Research Associates, Inc., worked directly with William "Bill" at Electronic Systems Services, Inc.

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